Joker13™ has been appointed as the exclusive MEGA888 online casino agent in Malaysia. We’re highly honoured to have received the recognition by MEGA888 Malaysia Sdn Bhd – the holding company of MEGA888 Malaysia.

To maintain our sole distributorship of the largest mobile slot game in Malaysia, we’re required to fulfil the following criteria:

  • always pay our players no matter how much they win
  • no winning limit for all our players
  • maintain our good reputation as the most trusted online casino in Malaysia
  • provides only the original MEGA888 slot games
  • provides only the authentic MEGA888 download links
  • consult our players to learn how to win from MEGA888
  • to teach our players how to hack MEGA888
  • update players with the latest online casino games information

Given our continuous integrity in fulfilling the above requirements, we’ve successfully renewed our operating license with MEGA888 Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the past 5 years. We truly thank MEGA888 Malaysia for giving us such chance to work with the largest mobile slot game brand in Malaysia.

Paying customers is always our first priority since incorporation. We’re determined not to fail our customers. No matter how much they win. Let’s take a look at the top 5 withdrawals made by our players in history:

No.1 – RM5,399,300.00 by Lim Swee Bee, on 20 May 2020
No.2 – RM3,210,758.43 by Mohammad Ali bin Abdullah, on 3 January 2021
No.3 – RM2,943,388.36 by Joseph Phua, on 27 December 2019
No.4 – RM1,444,390.12 by Teh Chuan Long, on 2 March 2012
No.5 – RM500,000.00 by Mohd Razali bin Mustafa, on 5 July 2017

Our ultimate goal is to complete all payments to all customers without exceeding 5 minutes. However, withdrawal more than RM 1 million might take hours to complete given huge amount of money. We truly understand the pain of not getting paid by online casino agents who are scammers.

We do not impose winning limit on any player at anytime. Previously, Joker13™ did set a winning limit of RM5 million on any withdrawal made by our players. Nonetheless, to fulfil the requirements set out by MEGA888 Malaysia Sdn Bhd, we then removed the winning limit.

Unlike playing at other online casinos in Malaysia, there is always a winning limit that would cap your withdrawal amount. You won’t experience such situation at here. At Joker13™, SKY IS THE ONLY LIMIT!

Not only because it’s required my MEGA888 Malaysia, but we also want to always maintain our public image as the most trusted online casino in Malaysia. As such, we have a 100% guaranteed payment programme to ensure every player would receive money even during big win.

Having recognised the fact that there are just too many scammers in the local online gambling industry, we strongly encourage all players to perform researches on an online betting website before start depositing money into the company. Friends’ recommendations are usually the most powerful tool to review such online betting site.

There are many online casino companies in Malaysia that provides fake MEGA888 game ID to their players. It’s indeed shameful to hear that. MEGA888 Malaysia has already lodged an official complaint with the Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA) to investigate this matter. Meanwhile, the headquarter has also requested us to provide only the original MEGA888 game ID as the exclusive licensed MEGA888 online casino agent in the country.

It’s really important not to play fake MEGA888 slot games. You would only lose money to these fake products. They do not offer fair winning payout, which is always in their favour. Only the original MEGA888 game ID offers the highest winning payout in Malaysia. Only the original MEGA888 can make you rich.

Joker13™ is obligated to provide only the authentic MEGA8888 download links. Just like fake MEGA888 game ID, there are many fake MEGA888 download sites on the internet as well. These fake download sites could pose severe cybersecurity risk that might allow hackers to invade your personal privacy.

It’s our responsibility to guide all players how to download MEGA888 in a proper way. You should refer to our official download guidelines. In the event that you’re not clear about what is written in the official download guidelines, always feel free to contact our relationship managers for more assistance.

It’s our mission and vision to help all Malaysian to win big from MEGA888. We have a large team of professional online betting experts who can consult you and teach you how to win from the slot games. Free daily winning tips will be distributed to our VIP customers as well.

Such professional consultation is free of charge, if you’ve been a regular player at Joker13™ for minimum one year. Our online betting experts are good at analysing all kind of online mobile slot games. They study how to deploy different online betting strategies on different online casino games based on the latest game result forecast.

How to hack MEGA888 has long been a mystery to all Malaysian online casino players. Nonetheless, it’s no longer a secret anymore at Joker13™. Our online betting experts will also show our VVIP players how to hack MEGA888 without using hacking devices from black market.

It seems quite impossible for most people to do this. As a matter of fact, it’s doable. Many players have made considerable amount of windfall profits from hacking the slot games. However, it’s quite challenging to succeed as well. To make this happen, you gotta put up a lot of efforts and persistence to maximise your online gambling profits.

Given our close and special relationship with MEGA888 Malaysia, we’re closely connected to the founder of MEGA888 – Mr. Michael Tan See Foong. We need to update our marketing performance to Michael Tan during a regular meeting on monthly basis. Vice versa, he would also update us with some of the latest online casino games information, such as new slot game development, monthly winning payout rate, latest free online casino bonus campaigns, etc.

This is how we can reward our players with providing the latest and the most accurate insider news about MEGA888. Remember to stay tuned to our blog to find out more!